AvD History

Traditions which bind us

In 1899, the car was still light-years away from becoming the "Mass Transport" that it is now. It had however already formed as a part of the street scene. This subsequently sparked off the contest of motor sports.

Car enthusiasts created on 10th July 1899, an association called the "Deutsche Automobilclub" (DAC), which later became the "Kaiserlichen Automobilclub" (KAC) from which today's Automobilclub von Deutschland (AvD) descended.

As a result, the AvD is the most steeped-in-tradition automobile club in Germany and one of the most well known worldwide. Traditions which bind us.

AvD Philosophy

A representative of interests from the beginning.The original aim of the association was indeed the "Cultivation of the Automobile Sport". The club did not take long to demonstrate its competence in representing the interests of this new form of transport.

It was however, not just a representative of drivers interests as opposed to industry, politics, authorities and other socially relevant groups, in 1900, the AvD organised the first ILO, under whose roof the car manufacturers united to form on 19th January 1901, the "Verein Deutscher Motorfahrzeug-Hersteller" (The Association of German Motor Vehicle Manufacturers), known today as the VDA.

AvD Development

Change with the passage of time

It would no longer be seen as justified in the eyes of modern club philosophy to view the AvD exclusively as a "Drivers' Lobby". In the meantime, by virtue of its constant reorientation as a service company, the AvD has become far more than just an automobile club.

As far as its members are concerned, it's a benefit community with special, and at times, unique services.

It is a consumer protector with creative and intelligent mobility concepts, which serve the interests of society as a whole, as well as being a service provider with professional logistics and service availability round-the-clock. In all issues relating to traffic safety, it's a competent partner. Today, it is still the classic emergency service for members with breakdowns or accidents, just as it was over a hundred years ago. The AvD is one of the most reputable companies in Germany and in international motor sports.

AvD Clubs

A rendezvous for individualists.

Membership is still an important basis of the AvD, since it guarantees friendships on a personal level and social contacts at the highest level amongst varied interested members of the mobile generation.

The AvD – in addition to the general membership with its exclusive services – places particular value on its regional and local AvD Clubs, who maintain the tradition-conscious and cared-for club life, which continues to be shaped by social responsibilities.

AvD Club Life

A society which connects.

The AvD Clubs represent in a very special way the AvD in your respective region and in many cases have done so for decades. This is achieved by providing an intensive club life with an individual character.

The AvD Clubs organise as such, attractive trips both in Germany and abroad, experience enriching motor sport weekends, sport and tourist excursions, vintage car excursions as well as many unforgettable events, which always feature amongst the social high lights of the respective club region.

Furthermore, many clubs show their commitment by organising for example, kart tournaments, manoeuvring tests for vintage car lovers and mobile AvD safety training.

The AvD

Representing Germany nationwide

The AvD-Clubs are spread throughout Germany. This therefore guarantees that all motorists' interests are represented, even on your own doorstep.

AvD facts

Automobilclub von Deutschland e.V.
Goldsteinstraße 237
D - 60528 Frankfurt am Main
Tel.: +49.(0)69.6606-0
Fax.: +49.(0)69.6606-789
eMail: avd@avd.de
Web:   www.avd.de  

1,4 million members and customers
125 employees in Germany
ca. 600 service partners
ca. 2000 rescue vehicles in Germany

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